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97 740iL Stalling?

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My car all of sudden started stalling while driving. I could feel the car was hesitating first then it stalled. When restarted, it stalled after starting. It comes and goes so making it a concern to drive it safely. What do you think it is, fuel pump relay? Fuel pump? Timing?
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I'd start with fuel system overhaul. I don't see timing unless it is an intermittant CPS fault.

'System' includes electrical components too.
Thanks for the reply. How do I overhaul the system? What does it involved? I am not very mechanic knowledgeable when it comes to these cars.
I'll list a few things. Do what you can, seek out resourses for the things that you feel are beyond you. Change the fuel filter. Flush the fuel lines. Check the fuel pressure in the injector rail. Clean the electrical connections (with switch cleaner) to the fuel pump relay, fuel pump fuse and fuel pump. Check and claen the earths to the relay, pump, battery and ecu. I guess that one (or a combination) of those processes will fix your problem. Fuel pressure should be a minium of 40psi. Low pressure could be the regulator or pump.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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