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997 Aero Package...

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:p nice...


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I like the package, except for the picnic table in the back.

I actually think it is a bit much for my taste. :dunno:
That would look unreal in all black. Wow.
:bustingup behind bars...
Alex Baumann said:
The owner is in custody ?
Is it functional? i.e. does it eliminate the existing aerodynamic lift?
It's a 996, but this Ruf is quite pretty:


I had the Ruf muffler package on my 996 GT3 along with a Chippie to make it run a little faster but I've never warmed up for the spoiler "Bastler" stuff of Ruf...:eek:
machmeter said:
It's a 996, but this Ruf is quite pretty:
thats a nice lookin car
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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