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A/C and Heater no airflow

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So I just changed out my water pump and the hose that connects the water pipe to expansion tank due to overheating a leaky hose. I put it back together and the problem was fixed. no more overheating and no more leak but since i put it together this problem started immediatley.

I have no airflow period. No A/C airflow and no heat airflow. The condenser kicks on but i get no blow. Checked all my fuses and they are good.

Am i looking at a blower motor or a blower motor resistor? Its 95 degrees outside and windows down just will not cut it. Can i get some suggestions please?
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Thats what i am thinking now. I have been thinking back in the past few weeks and my airflow has been erratic but i never thought twice about it being an issue.
if airflow has been erratic, it's 99% the fsu. Find a contortionist to do the job. Good luck!
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