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I had my 2000 540i in the shop last week to repair a leaking front crank snout seal and oil pan leak. To perform the repairs the shop had to evacuate the A/C system as they had to remove everything from the front of the motor to access the crank seal.

Prior to these repairs, my A/C blew like a meat freezer, and I had all of my fan speeds, i.e. low to high output. Now that I have the car back, the fan speed gets to about medium output and doesn't get any higher, even when manually adusting it higher.

The bar graph on the fan speed has 15 bars. I can increase the fan speed up to bar #8 and the fan speed adjusts accordingly. From bar #8 to bar #15, the fan speed does not increase at all, even though the bar graph shows full fan speed.

I know the first thing that will come to everyone's mind is the Final Stage Control unit, but it doesn't make since that this would be going if I had all my speeds prior to the shop getting ahold of it. Are there areas or fuses I should check that control the fan speeds?

Anyone with ideas please throw them out there.

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