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A/C recharge question

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First off, I want to thank you all for viewing my posts and helping me alot! I'm really suprised at the promptness, and willingness to help me, the total newbie!
Ok, my next question...

My 325is is already converted to r134, and the A/C blows hot, even immediately after recharging it. am I recharging it right? someone told me i should have the car running the condenser and blowing full blast while recharging. Bad? if so, how do i do it?
I also don't think there are any leaks, but how should i go about inspecting for leaks? :dunno:
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Confirm the following:

1) blend doors proper operation (hot/cold positions)
2) compressor clutch engaging
3) auxilliary fan motor functioning (high & low)
4) auxilliary fan resistor's resistance w/i spec.
5) thermal switch operational
6) verify relays' are functioning
a. fan low speed
b. fan high speed
c. compressor clutch relay (?)

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That would be the way

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only way to check the charge properly is running on high with motor running. if its blowing hot after a recharge, i goin with the blend doors are not moving properly
Over charge can make the low pressure switch disengage the clutch on compressor.. Also if u have gauges check pressure on both hi n low sides to make sure it's running thru whole system
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