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A few questions on BMW accessories for my first 325i

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A few questions on BMW accessories for my first 325i
I just ordered my 325i and I was thinking about ordering the factory alarm. Does it really cost $595? I also want to get a the CD changer but they want to charge me $695. Does anyone know the invoice price for both of these items. They also wanted to sell me the Full maintenance upgrade. I know that it extends from 36/36 to 48/50. Is it really worth it? My build date is 06-21-02. Want can I do to not go crazy waiting for my car to be built and shipped? This is my first BMW so please be patient with me and my questions.

Thanks for your time.
This wait is going to kill me.

325i ti silver
sport package
harman kardon
power / heated seats
:bawling: :bawling:
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the alarm isn't worth it according to most folks. Their advice is to get the clow-nose activated instead as a decoy. Not sure if 325 comes with it though.

A CD changer is a great option. It's up to you. Avoid the glovebox mount according to some folks who've had problems.

I'm pretty sure you can extend the warranty down the road. Why not wait and see how the car holds up first. I think you can add it on several months after purchase. Ask your dealer.

Save the alarm money for other things like an M3 wheel, etc...
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