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A new D, a few feature questions

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Am learning the ins and outs of our new 335d. A few quick questions for those who have had more time with theirs.

Can you display the oil level on the dash, or becasue the D has a dipstick you cannot? The only thing I can seem to find is the miles/date to oil change. The manual shows this feature but may be reserved for the gas models.

What tools came in your tool kit. Because mine was a former service loaner they originally took everything out that was not nailed down. I only have a tow-hook and screwdriver handle with the double ended insert. Are there any others?

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If you do a search on the main 3 series (E9x) forum you'll find lots of discussion about the toolkit; I find this thread very helpful: Toolkit

Regarding the oil level - one of the benefits of the 'd' is that we still have a dipstick; we cannot check it on the display. The dipstick is perhaps a bit less convenient than a computer display but most folks prefer the dipstick as the better option.
The screwdriver handle is used to remove the DEF caps when refilling, so it is good that you have that. Sounds to me like you have everything, I cant recall anything more other than maybe the plastic adapter for the larger diesel nozzles. This comes in very handy when you are running low on fuel and you finally find a diesel station which only has the larger nozzles for trucks.
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