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Hi Everyone,

I got this E60 530i 2005 around 7 months ago as a weekend car. And several problems came up. Im trying to find the artice, forums, discussion around this problems, but came up with nothing... Hope someone here can help me out....

1. Does the E60 doesnt have turn signal sound ? Because i dont hear tick tock sound from mine...

2. The left turn signal indicator on the cluster doesnt work (only the right indicator), but the turn signal bulb work just fine. What should i do with this problem ?

3. The AC blower sometime will turn off when i set the blower fan to the lowest position up to level 3 from the lowest. But it will remain working if i set the fan on level 4 and above... What is the common problem with this ?

4. Sometimes the car wont respond the key remote (diamond cut). And it always only works less then 1 meter from the car. Does it have something related to the key battery ? if it does, how to replace it ? Because i read from several forums, the key equipped with the rechargeable battery....

5. Any idea or tips how to add active subwoofer to the car ?

Hopefully, someone can help me to sort the problems here. And i would like to say thanks before....

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