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A public thanks to Propellerhead...

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Prop responded to my cloudy headlight problem on a '99 540iAT with 85k miles. Sold me his slightly used lenses very reasonably with assurances of my being able to complete the project. All went as advertised until I boogerred it up and broke an internal adjustment plastic piece. I'd resigned myself to a MAJOR headlamp replacement expense but wrote Prop and explained the problem. He knew all about it, complete with BMW part number which two local dealers could not find prior to Prop's info. Got the part in one day from BMW, $15. Fixed it perfectly with no problems and the car looks great. This is the beauty of the internet and the value in forums like this. I truly believe that for many run of the mill issues the collective wisdom of the board is higher than that of the dealers. Mine (the dealers) were all clueless. Thanks Propellerhead. :thumbup:

Before/After pic...

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Great to hear everything worked out so well in the end. Huge difference in appearance, too!

A big :thumbup: to all of the extremely helpful members of this incredible online community. :)
Awww, shucks.....

My car wouldn't be half what it has become without the help of boards like this.

Gotta keep things like that going.. Good "Car-ma," don't ya know. :lmao:
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