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A quick note about leasing

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In response to a common question...

Regarding lease money factors (with BMWFS),
there is a "buy rate", and the "contractual rate" (what we charge the
customer). Often those 2 numbers are different, and that difference is
what is know "lease reserve" (i.e. extra profit from the spread or differential).
Residual values are completely fixed by BMWFS, only varying by mileage

Dang! Bimmerfest... Only a week to go...

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Re: Re: A quick note about leasing

in_d_haus said:

Thought about that last you are not sleeping too much these days!

It will be awesome Jon, nothing to worry about...
Hey, what could go wrong? :D
Can you say riot???

I've not been getting much sleep lately... We went to "summer hours" this week & last night I got stuck working 'til after 9:00. Thursdays my F&I Manager has the day off. (If ever I have a heart attack, it will be on a Thursday) So anyway, we sold 5 cars yesterday (without him). A lonnnnnnnggggg day.

Gotta run back to work now ~ in fact I'm late!
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