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a saturday detailing

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well, i did my first serious detailing today. here's a quick review of the stuff i used:

wash: P21S shampoo --> this stuff is great, nice suds, good smell. recommended.

dry: P21S drying towel --> i've never used one of these before, and i couldn't really figure out what to do with it. are you supposed to lay it flat on the car, and sop up water that way? or do you use it like a traditional towel, running it across the finish? anyway, i gave up and ended up using some towels.

clean: meguiar's clear coat body scrub paint cleaner --> i didn't really see any effect from this. not recommended.

polish: 3M imperial hand glaze --> it wasn't the revelation that i thought it would be, but it gave a nice shine and a clear improvement from the previous step. recommended.

wax: meguiar's gold class clear coat wax --> pretty easy to apply, and forgiving if i slipped and got it on the black moulding. recommended.

vacuum: sears craftsman 2-gallon shop vac --> this was the first time i used this in the car, and it was perfect; small enough to maneuver in the back seat (you can hold the vacuum in one hand while you're working the nozzle with the other), but enough suction to get the job done. recommended.

vinyl: vinylex --> pretty similar to meguiar's #40, but less, um, pungent. recommended.

glass: invisible glass spray --> now this stuff is great... maybe too great... i could see every little hairline scratch in my glass. recommended.
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The P21S drying towel is excellent.
How is this towel compared to a chamoix? Every time I wash my car I have problems getting it really dry. I use the California Water Blade to get most of the water off, but when I use a chamoix to finish up it actually smears the remaining water. I feel like I'm constantly going over the same areas trying to dry the darn thing off without any smears. Washing the car takes no time at all, but drying it is a total pain in the neck. I can clean my wheels faster than I can dry the car off.


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