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A suggestion for Jon Shafer re: Bimmerfest

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How about we start a thread or a section on the site just giving general information about Santa Barbara...Like good restaurants, good hotels/cheap hotels, things to do while in town...etc? I'm planning on bringing both the HACK mobile and Mrs HACK mobile, and we're probably going to try to do the same thing...Come for the festivities, stay for dinner and leave on Sunday afternoon, so Mrs HACK can stop by Camarillo and shop her little heart out. We LOVED the recommendation last year, the Cajun restaurant you mentioned (The PALACE?). Would love to hear other suggestions you or people familiar with the area have to say. I would love to also stop by one of the vinyards for some tasting as well.

I'm pretty sure it will give the out of towners a good time too.
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My wife and I spent a couple of days in SB 2 years ago. We both enjoyed what was probably our favorite Italian meal of all time at Ca' Dario. Really--we'd almost go back (from Texas) just for another meal there. (Well, the whole town was pretty great too;) )

...and if you want to go all out as far as lodging goes, check out the Simpson House Inn. Best (and most expensive) place we've ever stayed--but it was worth every $$$ (not penny, that's for sure) We stayed in this English cottage-type room:

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