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A surprise gift from CEC and a present from a friendly board member

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Patrick 320d said:
Clem! How many years did it take you to amass 15,700 posts at the E46 Fanatics board? :yikes:

That is shocking! :D
I've just checked his profile.

Date registered : 01-01-1970 :lmao:

Now that's an enthusiast ! :D :bigpimp:
Dave, have you been stalking Clem the whole time ? :D :lmao:
DaveN323i said:
Me? Who is talking here? Sabrina-chaser? :D
Hey now, she's been chasing me, not me her. :tsk: :D

Hmm, which STV ? The only special model I know is Mondeo and Focus ST.
Ah ha ! I see.

It's called ST170 here. 173hp :thumb:

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Kaz said:

Aren't those things eventually coming out in AWD turbo 'WRC' versions? Of course we'll never see that here. :(
No AWD yet, but I've heard that they're planning a Cosworth :D

The last Cosworth was an AWD Escort and had a 2.0 Liter, 4-Cylinder engine with 220 hp :D
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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