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A couple of points:

1) The "official" pricing finally ended our long and wild guesses on 335 pricing. I think the final results are close to most so-called "educated guesses" from many of us - the "butter and bread" 335 sedan under the $40k benchmark, while the more stylish 335 coupe over $40k, and the pricing gap between the coupe and the sedan is moderately widened (from $1k to $2k).

2) With such a poerhouse and compeptitive pricing, BMW 3er will further strengthen its dominance in its class. In recent years, BMW seemed to be "way under-powered". Though it's still the king judging by its overall handling capability, many competitors (Infiniti, Lexus, etc.) have kepts telling the general public that they "beat BMW", in horse power, in 0-60, and so on. Now this class-leading 3er is a clear message to the genral public - "You Guys Shut Up!"

3) It will boost the sales o fthe high-end 3er. In the recent years, we have seen the 330's percentage in the overall 3er sales dropping ever year, because 325 with the same-size engine (in US market) seems a better return on money. Now with such a quantum jump in hp and torque, 335's $6k premium seems better justified.

4) There seem to be some uncertainties (e.g., realibility) about the new bi-turbo. I don't have any "official info", it's again just my "educated guess". I've seen the "offical schedule" for MY2007 on tis forum, and the new-gen X5 will not use the new bi-turbo. We all know that the N/A 3.0L is not a good fit for such a heavy vehicle like X5, because it's way short of low-rpm torque, no matter how many hp it could pump out. The N54 engine, with peak torque starts at 1500rpm, is no doubt the best fit for X5, but why BMW not debut its 2nd generation X5 with a class-leading engine? My only explanation is - there are some risks for BMW to put this new engine on multiple platforms at once. I'm not discouraging 335 buyers, it's just a concern I think we need to know.
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