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About to pull the trigger on a 2011 535ix

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Hey y’all. I’m just about to finalize a deal for a 2011 535ix for my sons 18th birthday. 130k on the odometer. Clean CarFax. Car is in great shape. $8500. How does that number sound to all y’all? Anything other than the fuel pump that I have to watch out for with this yr/model?
Looking forward to chatting with y’all about
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Bimmer stuff.
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I’m familiar with everything you mentioned except charge pipe. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that term. What is it and what goes wrong with it?
Also, thanks for the response and the help. I’ll make sure to check on those items before I sign for it. Also, I’m getting a 2/24 warranty at no cost along with it. ($500 deductible)
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CarFax has a lot of notes on service history since new. Notes stopped around 2018. Glove compartment has dozens of oil change receipts. That’s a decent sign, at least.
Thanks for that info. I’ll ask to look at that. Are there aftermarket companies that offer a steel version? Is it a huge process to replace, if I got one?
Thank you so much for that info. I have Audi experience but this will be our first BMW so it’s all so new.
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