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Hi from France everyone!

I tried to get help on French forums but wasn't able to have an answer....

I post here because during all my researches I always had good technical informations from this forum.

I own a 530i E39 and recently I have an ABS issue:

ASC&ABS lights are on, my speedo works most of the time but sometimes it fails (driving at 110 km/h and suddently the speedo falls a 60 km/h they works fine again).

I think it makes my steering assistance to fail too (very smooth when I start up the car, then always hard.)

Everything else works fine! (odometer, cruise control ...)

I replaced my rear left ABS sensor, cleaned the other ones.

I used INPA to diagnose the problem and I have a 14 Solenoid valve relay error.
I could read all speed values from all my sensor with INPA.

So I checked my fuses (17,30 & 31) and they are fine. Then I looked for the K95 relay but I'm not able to find it !
I looked under the glove box, not there (there are some big fuses and relays but not this one !) and under the bonnet, again some relays but not this one ...

My question is:
Do I have the K95 and/or K94 relays on my 530i E39 2001 with ASC (not DSC!) with a Bosch 5.7 module?

I think my ABS module is the problem (failing due to heat and vibrations), but it's strange that I have a relay error and I'm not able to find any ABS relay on my car!


2001 BMW E39 540i Automatic Sedan, 200 k miles
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What year is your car ?

1. I think you have the K95 relay. You should confirm it on (enter your VIN number, then search for K95 relay)

2. Your ABS is probably fine.
Change the bad relay, then clean the brushes of the Steering angle sensor. Then, reset and test drive.

To reset: (Use Tool32 of INPA. Load up Tool32. Then open the group file DSC57.PRG . Scroll down the jobs list and double click "test_lenkwinkel".) This procedure recalibrates the steering angle sensor, and clears all the ABS/DSC/ASC/Brakes error lights.

Report back...

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Sounds similar to the issue i just had with my srs system, can you log into your srs system?there is a heap of relays bolted to the floor of the car(as i have just found out)in both front footwells so its seats out & carpet & insulation out to access them, so research the colors you are looking for & try research the location of the relay(as this would of made my job a heap easier-but instead i pulled 3/4 of the car apart to find mine purely chasing wires & wire colors)but As i say there is a heap of relays/connectors in both front footwells & as u can imagine from were they sit they get water & corosion & form a bad connection & give issues......good luck with the search report back when u locate the relay please.
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