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I have been reading this problem and many suffering from it.

Mostly people complain that when they turn the AC, it takes time (05 - 10 Minutes) to start and when it starts then the cooling is perfect.

I also suffered this problem few weeks back. This problem is due to reasons:

1. Weak compressor, Weak compressor always becomes reason for high pressure on suction side therefore the control valve inside the compressor does not work immediately.
2. Overcharged Freon or high presssure in circuit. This also prevents the control valve to work when AC is started.

To find out this problem, just release a little amount of Freon and test. The compresor will start bit ealrlier. If it is the case then it the problem is with the overcharged Freon and high pressure in the circuit.

Note: High pressure in the circuit is always due to weak compressor. AC works quite well on ce the compressor starts working but in normal weather conditions. If weather conditions are high such as 45 - 49 Deg C the the performance of the system will be very weak.

Permanent Solution:

1. Fix new compressor
2. Fix new condenser radiator
3. Fix new expansion valve
4. Clean the pipes with high pressure air
5. Clean the Evaporators
6. Vacuum the system and fill new Freon (Genetor) as recommended.
7. Make sure the operation of radiator fan

After doing this the Ac system will be perfect and no problem for 05 years.
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