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Just traded my '08 E92 for '08 E83 M-Sport couple of days ago and have some questions about accessories.

Coming from E9x world where accessories are in abundance, I am having hard time finding anything my my X3

I would like to change the bulbs in angel eyes and maybe install black lines, but every site that has them for sale says that its all "up to 09/06" manufacturing date, or '07 Model Year?

Also, looking for black lettering to replace "X3" and preferably "3.0si" on the side

The only thing that I was able to find right away, was black kidney grilles...

Would anyone point me in the right direction please?
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I haven't seen such. I have an E46 M3 and I just don't think the X3 is really a hot item on the tuning companies' radar. I tinted mine, added some all weather mats. I probably add the alarm, tow hitch, roof box--that kind of stuff. I just want it to run.
I did the fog switch and would love to have the aspherical mirrors. But ECS wants like $700 for a heated/dimming set!
I'm running a K&N panel filter in both my X3 and M3. Just use the oil that comes in a spray bottle, like AFE's recharge kit and it will help to prevent over oiling. I don't have any issues so far. Using a K&N was more of a convenience thing for me and I'm sure it's flowing a little better. But it doesn't "feel" any different.

In the M3, I had a Macht Schnell filter and it was noticeable, but I sent it back b/c it didn't fit in the airbox very well; it was too loose.
What's the conventional wisdom on using K & N air filters with the X3? I know one needs to be careful about using excessive oil when you replenish these filters, lest you affect the MAF sensor; but otherwise: good, bad, or indifferent...?
solefald: that looks really good especially on white. I don't think my montego would look right with that, but again--looks great on white.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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