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Just traded my '08 E92 for '08 E83 M-Sport couple of days ago and have some questions about accessories.

Coming from E9x world where accessories are in abundance, I am having hard time finding anything my my X3

I would like to change the bulbs in angel eyes and maybe install black lines, but every site that has them for sale says that its all "up to 09/06" manufacturing date, or '07 Model Year?

Also, looking for black lettering to replace "X3" and preferably "3.0si" on the side

The only thing that I was able to find right away, was black kidney grilles...

Would anyone point me in the right direction please?
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1) My K&N has made the engine note sound better, but no change in the MPG/ass-dyno.

2) We are only now reaching the end of the production cycle for the E83, so any true hardcore mods, if they ever do happen (seriously, who will go through the effort to supercharge an E83 if the market is so limited? Dinan/ESS would not likely make much on these for the amount of time invested) will only now MAYBE starting to come out.

I have no hopes for anything soon. But yeah, I wouldn't mind dropping a supercharger kit into mine. Why not?
Angel Eyes came in this afternoon, so I put them in and took some photos. They look pretty sweet. Black grilles should arrive tomorrow ;)

These are MTEC v2.1 from eBay, if anyone is interested. Installation took about 5 minutes, and *almost* complete plug and play. You will not need to remove window washer fluid reservoir to put these in. It comes with 2 little wires that have connectors only on one side, so you have to attach one more connector (included) to the other end of wires.

If you do, make sure that black wire goes into pin 1 on OEM connector, and red wire into pin 2 on OEM connector, or they wont work.

After installation I drove around running errands for about an hour. No computer warnings, no radio interference.

Pretty satisfied so far. Shipping was lightning fast too. Ordered at 9pm on Monday. Arrived at 11am Wednesday. :thumbup:


You may want to consider a set of these



X3emist, where did you get the M pedals at? They look great!

Contact [email protected], check them out at
Customer service is top notch, product is very high quality, install easy plus they look really really goooood, imo. Tell Sean that Todd hooked you up.
Is there a positive difference in how they feel with foot contact. More than just a pretty face in other words?

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Yes the nubs are raised

The home page of their web site has a picture that displays this pretty well
Grilles are in!

Unfortunately that big ugly license plate looks really out of place there.
Wanted to remove it and put in bumper plugs in the screw holes, but there are 7(!!!!) damn holes under the mount.

4 for the mount itself, 2 more from the 2" screws that fasten the license plate to the mount AND the bumper, and some another mysterious hole right in the dead center under the mount. it looks HORRIBLE.

I am almost tempted to get a euro plate and a mount. At least it will look somewhat less ridiculous. Any other suggestions on how to cover those holes, beside having a body shop patch them and repaint the whole front bumper?


solefald: that looks really good especially on white. I don't think my montego would look right with that, but again--looks great on white.
I dunno. Bunch of E9x guys install black grilles on their montego cars. Make it look pretty aggressive.

Not an X3, but Montego Blue :)

solefald: that looks really good especially on white. I don't think my montego would look right with that, but again--looks great on white.
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