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Accessory Suggestions?

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Hey, I was looking for the following items for my 2002 TiSilver 330xi and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions:

1. Cargo net for trunk. I wanted something that would comparmentalize the trunk so I could drop grocery bags into a "section" without having them roll all over the trunk. All I've found so far was one at Pacific BMW that fastens things to the floor. Are there nets (or a net) that will divide the trunk up or is the floor net the only option?

2. Bra. I don't want a full bra. But I do a lot of roadtripping on I80 between Omaha and Denver. Is there something you recommend? For example that invisible film that 3M makes (don't know the name)? A Colgan (?) bra? Etc?

3. License plate holder. Will any license plate holder fit on my 3 Series? I have the dealer installed one that reads Passport BMW. I want to replace it with something simple and black.

4. Universal tranceiver. I was thinking of goign to a dealership to add this. What do you think a good price is for this?

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1) The only BMW net is the one you describe. One I've seen that goes across that looks pretty well made is a Toyota one. A friend with a Camry actually has 2 in his trunk. Just need a spare fastener hole of some sort in the trunk to attach to.

2) I believe Colgan has a half-bra of some kind.

3) I bought a black metal one at WalMart for $4.

4) the UGDO is about $130 from the discount dealers (Pacific, Circle) and takes about 5 mins with an x-acto to install. There are instructions all over the place. I would imagine a regular dealer will charge closer to list for the unit, charge for the different panel instead of cutting the stocker, and an hour of labor, so maybe $300.
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