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Hi Everyone,

Wondering if everyone can share their experience with crash repair vehicles? I've recently been asked to re-code the ACSM and lock it, the car didn't need any new CAFD files injecting as they were still intact but I'm unsure of the following

- Does the SRS module need replacing or crash data removed?
- I've attempted to reset and clear the errors using EDIABAS\Ecu\ACSM4.prg this did not work, but did list a load of errors within the ACSM module regarding the airbags
- Attempted to clear the errors via DTC using E-Sys Transmitter but this had no affect
- Op had the airbags replaced that had blown when the car was damaged by a 3rd party could this be due to a faulty sensor or airbag?
- Last option would be to replace the ACSM and inject CAFD's and VO Code if this is faulty

Struggling to narrow down what the issue could be any advice or input would be handy

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