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active steering

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what is the verdict on active steering? i read so much negative feedback about it. it is not an option on my new 530xit (it doesnt work with the x-drive), but i dont think i would have gotten it anyway.
the standard steering is so nice on bimmers and i have heard that the active steering is "twitchy" any thoughts? ;)
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It seems that active steering has had some software changes to it and it now works great IMO and I see the same opinion in car magazines lately as well. No twitchiness, no mid turn ratio changes...just excellent steering with easy slow speed maneuverability.
I've never understood the complaints. I have a 09/04 2005 545 and the active steering is great. I hate driving a car without it. There is no twitchiness, no erratic behavior. It's very predictable and makes the car easier to drive well.
Try to take a test drive in one, judge for yourself. I took a test drive in one of the first cars to arrive in the US and whilst it was on the highway and on the streets around the dealership, I thought it worked great.
I have an '05 545i with the sport package (which included AS) and I love it. As others said, it seems there were some teething pains in early releases.
i did test drive it back-to-back against normal steering. i "got it" but didnt think that the normal steering was bad. in any case, i have to live without it as well as smg, anti-roll stabilization since they dont work with x-drive. its ok, i wanted the touring more than i wanted the sedan and hence those options.....
I think it's great. I have an FFR Cobra roadster and my 545 sport is "almost" as much fun to drive. Being serious - it gives you great steering response at low speeds without being twitchy at high speeds. The two systems on my car that truly make the car what it is are the active steering and active suspension.
The A Steering is wonderful...especially nice in the often tight European parking garages and it seemed just as solid at 152 mph, too! The A Suspension will simply not allow any body roll no matter what. I took a turn pretty hard and couldn't get the body to roll one little bit.
It does feel different than the traditional "I am connected to the pavement feel" of my last 2 bimmers...... I've only had my E60 for a couple days..... but I'm getting used to it. It has a much more luxurious feel and the cornering is incredible!
not everyone

is a sport driver. i am primarily interested in the look, feel, engineering etc. of bimmres. i am primarily a city driver. i am not looking to set any speed records, nor do i take corners aggressively. i just like the cars!

maybe i will regret buying the 530 xit without active steering, anti-roll stabl, etc. but i hope not!
This thread just shows how little attention readers should pay to those magazines bitching about A/S. They should listen to actual owners that drive the cars day in and day out and put real miles on them, and not just a few days or few hundred miles.
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