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Hi Everyone

Acute Performance is looking for a vehicle to sponsor a set of DPE wheels (style and amount to be determined later).

Sponsorship Requirements

• Over 500 posts on the forum.
• Attends car meets.
• Post detailed pictures of wheels and honest feedback on the forum.
• Friendly, personable, and honest.

If you're interested, please PM me the following information:

• Your name, location, and car make/model/color.
• Pictures of Your Car.
• If you're sponsored what can you provide?
• Why do you want to be sponsored?
• Have you been sponsored before? If yes, please share your experience and any review articles you've written.
• Tell me about yourself.

Each applicant will be carefully screened and decision will be made based on the above answers & requirements.

If there are any questions, let me know.


Acute Performance LLC - It's About Speed. It's About Style.

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Best of luck to anyone who qualifies! DPE wheels are incredible.
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