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Adaptive ride on Sports Package 7

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I have a bad back. The Sports package on an 745i at speed on bad Chicago Illinois potholed roads still jars me too much. Interestingly at low speed it is barely different from standard 7i. My dealer tells me the shocks are the same on both.

Adaptive ride:

1) There are three settings. With sport package and adaptive ride, does the sport setting give the same parameters and ride as the sport package without adaptive ride? Or is it the middle setting that is the same, and sport on adaptive ride makes it even tighter than the standard sport package.

2) On the standard car, does adaptive ride comfort setting (the softest of the three)equal the standard car?

3) On the sport package with adaptive ride give you an option to be as smooth on potholed and heaved concrete streets as the standard car without the sport package.

Isn't it the shock absorber settings that most effect ride over closely spaced discrepancies in road surface height, i.e.; rough roads or do the springs have a big effect.

Thanks. Not much longer before myh 750i order has to be fixed so I still get my delivery week.
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salesman corrected himself

cannot order adaptive ride and sport together
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