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I have just adopted this car and took it for an inspection. The news is that the engine light is on because most likely its the intake or outtake, something to do with the catlayst?(whichever it turns out to be), one is supposed to be about 90 dollars or the other is about 185 dollars for parts:eek: Or the engine is "running lean" due to the wrong type of gas may have been previously used, or just needs an oil change (about 185 dollars:cry: and air filter is "pretty gunked up". :eeps:
Also the two control arms, balls and bushings (two of them) need replacing (about 275 -360.00 for parts?). Two of the tires need to be replaced about 205 per tire:cry:
Do these prices and problems sound feasable for this car which has about 70 miles on it?
Any input would be appreciated
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