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After carefully reviewing the images of the new BMW car designs, I concluded that you are a bold, brave risk taker whose intuition is prescient. Many people commenting about the new designs have noted that the structured, dominant curves of the body panels and exterior appointments are "different." A BMW client advisor who appeared to be less than excited summarized his opinion of the new seven series as "well, this seems to be the design of cars in the future." I think that there is perhaps more to this statement than what is initially apparent.

If I were in a position to build BMW's market share, I would seek innovative designs that would establish the mark as a leader and not merely a follower: revolution, not an evolution; distinction, not uniformity, and brilliance, not shadow. The new designs clearly achieve these objectives and belie the new technology that places them firmly in the pole position. Admittedly, the new designs do not immediately evoke a familiar response. However, I suspect that the other automobile companies will start imitating Designworks/USA but without the overall harmony of composition and form.

Time will tell . . .

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What is that huge sucking sound I hear?

No Parump, Adrian will not loan you the Z9 Cabrio prototype. :tsk:

On a side note, I was at Crevier BMW one day and there was one of Adrian's Mini Coo-Coo clocks on the wall and apparently they're a hit! People like the vroom-vroom, beep-beep. Score one for the design god.
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