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Hi there,

I don't usually post much, but wanted to make everyone aware, before you make a $10K mistake like I did and buy a set of ADV1 wheels. :thumbdwn:
Long story short, I had my 3pc forged wheels installed for just over 3K miles and 2 years and I started noticing hair line cracks on two of the spokes on a right side rear wheel.
No vibration even at high speeds and tire was perfectly fine with no bubbles that would indicate an impact.
I barely drive my car(1500 miles a year) and definitely don't recall hitting any potholes(I live in the far west suburbs of Chicago and roads are actually decent here).
I took it to 3 independent shops in the vicinity and all 3 of them called for a structural damage due to poor manufacturing.
I contacted ADV1 right away and they requested detail pictures and of course as you all expected, their engineering team said that there is no fault on their end, because wheel passed their initial inspection before it was sold!?
I was generously offered 20% off the 'retail price" and that price came back $600 higher then the selling price paid 2 years ago! :yikes:
After multiple e-mails and voicemails, they agreed to match the price from 2 years ago... I gave them my credit card number and I was told that the order was placed on June 26th.
On July 31st I sent them a follow up e-mail to check on the status of the order. Sales person coordinating it,that previously confirmed the order was placed, asked me who I was!
I then again asked for the order status updated and didn't hear back from him for over a week now. I also sent an e-mail to the manager with no response of any kind and it also been over a week!
I'm believe that they forgot to place it and simply decided to ignore me.
For the price this company is charging I guess I was expecting the highest level quality and customer service...
I didn't experience either and highly recommend for you to learn on my mistake and to stay away from them and their products!
I have never experience such terrible customer service ever and I will make it my mission to make everyone I know aware of my situation.
I'm just happy I noticed the defect before anything bad happened!

Thanks for your time!
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