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Advice on Detailing

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I know, I know, I have gone through quite a few threads on this and finally have decided to get the Zaino care kit for the car and get the Klass polish for my wheels. On the Zaino, I am going to buy the complete kit but I am not sure which Klass product I should buy for my wheels and the best place to get them.

Is the industrial car wash advisable (coin operated and just with water if I do not use the soap) or do you guys do the wash at home.
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sunnykk said:
What do you use for Leather. I do not want to use something that shines and takes off the matt finish. I think the matt finish looks pretty cool.

Leatherique is the ONLY way to go when it comes to leather care. Remember that it is a bit expensive, but worth every penny. Also remember to be very generous with the product when applying. It'll look weird at first, but give it some time to dry and work it's magic and your leather will look good as new, with the nice matte finish that comes on beamers.
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