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Advice on Detailing

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I know, I know, I have gone through quite a few threads on this and finally have decided to get the Zaino care kit for the car and get the Klass polish for my wheels. On the Zaino, I am going to buy the complete kit but I am not sure which Klass product I should buy for my wheels and the best place to get them.

Is the industrial car wash advisable (coin operated and just with water if I do not use the soap) or do you guys do the wash at home.
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Test_Engineer said:
Klasse All-In-One (AIO for short on the forum) is what most suggest on the wheels, but I would think one of the Zaino products would work just as good. I don't use Zaino products so I can't comment on them.

I think we all wash our cars at home using a car shampoo, I use Meg's or mother's, can't remember(yellow thick stuff in a clear gallon jug). But if you are starting from scratch, wash the car down with Dawn dish soap to strip off any wax and oils, then Clay it. Once you have polish/wax on the car, don't use Dawn unless you want to remove it.
Thanks for the info
hal9000 said:
I'd just buy Klasse AIO and use it as the base for the Z. That will be the only time you'll use AIO. After that, just use Z2/Z5. Z can be used on the wheels (I've got Z2 on mine now). AIO works well as a cleaner to remove any/all traces of Carnuba/Oils which would prevent Z from bonding.

As for washing, I'd wash at home. The car wash will use recycled water in most cases so it'll be loaded with stuff that will make waterspots.
Would you buy the complete Z-Kit and Klasse AIO if you were me.
hal9000 said:
Well, since I've been doing this a while, I pieced my stuff together. I don't believe that the other parts of the full kit are worth the convenience if you've already got or can readily buy it. Here's what I would recommend having in your basic "kit" assuming your car is relatively swirl/scratch free.

Mother's Claybar (easily sourced locally when needed)
Meg's Gold Class Wash (available in just about any car dept)
Some type of Swirl Mark Remover (I prefer Meg's DACP)
Z2 Pro
S100 Carnuba (Sourced from local Harley Davidson Dealership)
Lots of Foam Applicator Pads
Lots of Microfiber Towels for product Removal

If you feel the need to do minimal swirl mark coverup, Z5's not bad, but it's not a miracle product - it only minimizes the lightest of swirls, but allows you to cover instead of having to polish minor swirls. It uses the same ZFX and is totally compatable with Z2 where some other products aren't.

For swirls and scratches, I'd advise getting a PC with a full assortment of pads. If the car is majorly scratched/swirled, 3M FI2 is a good product. Then there's all the trim detailing stuff - I personally prefer Aerospace 303 for all the rubber (light gloss and shine, but adds UV protection). I'd also say get some Gummipfleg for the rubber seals around the doors/trunk/hood.
What do you use for Leather. I do not want to use something that shines and takes off the matt finish. I think the matt finish looks pretty cool.

This is my list for the moment:

ZFX Flash Cure
Z2Pro Show Car Polish
Z6 Ultra Clean Gloss
Z7 Show Car Wash
Z18 Clay-Bar

Meg's Gold Class Wash

Aerospace 303 for Dash

NuFinish for wheels

Microfiber Towels, Micro fiber Applicator pads and Micro fiber mitts (

I am still not sure for Leather

I am thinking of Leather in a bottle from Zaino: Z10 (Any ideas?)

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icemanjs4 said:
Your list sounds good except for 2 things. I have heard the MF wash Mits aren't so great. Their pile isn't deep enough. I've been using a sheepskin wash mit and it's great because all dirt gets pulled away from the surface (less chance of micro-scratches from pushing dirt around).

Also, you need to add the Big Blue II waffle weave towel for drying. This is by far the most amazing towel in my aresenal.
It's a little expensive - but it's just impressive. You don't wipe the car dry. You just put the towel on a wet surface, and the surface becomes dry.

Anyone else out here want to back me up on this?

I forgot to put it on my list, but I had the Big blue waffle towels 2'x3', short listed too from Paskshak. Also, do you know if Z10 leather in a bottle takes away the matt finish or not because I want to make sure that I don't lose my matt finish when I clean the leather.

asnpcwiz said:
Leatherique is the ONLY way to go when it comes to leather care. Remember that it is a bit expensive, but worth every penny. Also remember to be very generous with the product when applying. It'll look weird at first, but give it some time to dry and work it's magic and your leather will look good as new, with the nice matte finish that comes on beamers.
Which is the best place to get Leatherique.
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