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Advice on Detailing

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I know, I know, I have gone through quite a few threads on this and finally have decided to get the Zaino care kit for the car and get the Klass polish for my wheels. On the Zaino, I am going to buy the complete kit but I am not sure which Klass product I should buy for my wheels and the best place to get them.

Is the industrial car wash advisable (coin operated and just with water if I do not use the soap) or do you guys do the wash at home.
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Zaino for wheels is a painfull option and this is why:
-it has no cleaning properties
-you need at least 2 products, Z1 and Z2 or ZFX and Z2 to ensure it bonds to paint
-on wheels it lasts no longer than any other polymer product

AIO works well on wheels but if you don't want to order online and wanna save some money try NuFinish, ~$5 anywhere. It does better job cleaning brake dust and tar from the wheels than AIO and lasts a long time. It has very harsh chemicals, lots of solvents and that's why it does so well on tar but for this very reason I wouldn't use it on my car's paintwork.
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sunnykk said:

I forgot to put it on my list, but I had the Big blue waffle towels 2'x3', short listed too from Paskshak. Also, do you know if Z10 leather in a bottle takes away the matt finish or not because I want to make sure that I don't lose my matt finish when I clean the leather.

I'll chime in about Z10. It doesn't make the leather look shiny but like with every conditioner it will make the color a bit deeper. After you apply it wait 5 minutes and wipe it with damp microfiber towel and then buff it with dry towel. Don't condition the leather more than 2-3 times a year. It's more important to keep it clean so wipe it with damp MF towel every week.

I like Einszett Lederpflege, it keeps the leather completely matte. Last time I applied it I went over the seat twice because I wasn't sure if I treated it or not.
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