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Hello everyone! First real post here and I'm looking for some advice. Hope to be one active in the forums.

So I'm looking getting a new car in the next few years and I've decided on a E24 M6. I'm trying to get some advice about years, maintenance issues, problems to look for, and any other general ideas I should be thinking about as I start my quest to find the right one.

A little about myself: Grew up in Atlanta, work in DC now. I've done work on cars, and have a great mentor that has and is continually teaching me. I do just about all my own car work, from changing fluids and scheduled maintenance, to replacing boot joins and doing light custom fabrication. I really love cars, working on cars, and taking pride in your vehicle.

My timeline is to buy one in about two years, maybe earlier if the right car comes along I just graduated from law school, so I'm going to be saving and paying off my loans of the next few years first, but a car I can be proud of, and one that isn't just something new I ran out and bought, is a priority to me. This is mostly to serve for me to be able to get information and ask questions and seek guidance if anyone can offer any.
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