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I am considering selling my F30 for an older BMW. Something like an E46. I am new a new BMW owner and have heard that the E46 is one of the most desired eras. If this is true, I would enjoy having an older car simply for the joy of doing my own repairs. Since I was in high school, I have done my own maintenance until recently when I purchased my F30.

A little bit about my car:
I currently own a 2018 330i with 28k miles on it. I purchased it in March of 2021. My new car warranty ends in January of 2022, and the certified pre-owned warranty ends in Jan 2023. It's been a good car, and I have owning it despite an interesting situation. I had to have it towed 3 weeks ago due to a coolant issue that was causing the car to overheat. The dealer (Dallas, Texas) fixed this issue free of charge. (I can provide more info, but I wanted to keep this initial post brief.)

A little about my mechanical background:
Like many of you, I started working on my cars in high school by doing general maintenance. I have never worked on a German car - mostly Toyota, Dodge, and Honda. I have never repaired catastrophic failures relating to transmissions or a full engine rebuild. I am happy to learn and would like to expand my knowledge. Ultimately, I have enjoyed my BMW so much that I'd like to continue driving one.

Back to my original question:
From what I can tell, there are more desirable eras of 3 series BMW's. If this is true, am I correct in that the E46 is the way to go?
Should I just keep this F30 until the certified warranty expires in 2023?
Thank you in advance for responding.

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