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afe intake for a 335i

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shuold a put my afe intake on my 335i ? isa good air filter ???
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Yes ya shuold...itgood air filter
Dont do anything to the intake system, not worth it unless u want hot air rushing in there. the stock system is fine. save ur money
aFe products are great and we actually run them on our own shop cars. The most popular choice is the aFe stage 2 intake.

The aFe Stage 2 Intake replaces your restrictive factory air box which allows for an increased air flow meaning more horsepower (27 hp / 34 ft/lb torque peak gains). Another feature of the intake is the 16 gauge powder coated steel heat shield. A heat shield makes sure that the intake doesn't use the hot air around your engine and only allows the intake to receive cooler air, which adds more power. Not only does power increase, but many have observed an increase in MPG.

If you're looking for a completely sealed system, you can check out the aFe stage 2 sealed intake. The aFe sealed system produces 14 max hp and 27 lbs. x ft. torque. This radically different Stage 2 sealed cold air intake system is engineered to let maximum air in while keeping engine heat out. It smoothly directs increased air flow for improved volumetric efficiency and maximum performance. So effective is the design that Intake Air Temperature (IAT) at normal running speeds with this aFe intake system is 11 degrees lower than the factory intake.

I have one I could sell you. It's used so i could give you a better deal then on a new one, and yes, it's in great shape. Great intake, adds power, and you can actually hear your turbos :)
Before and After Results of Stock AIr Box w/K&N Filter vs aFe Stage 2 Elite CAI (Custom Sealed)


13 whp & 17 wtq gains in 7° hotter temps


If you care about the additional dust/dirt particles, don't use anything but paper. Stay with OE or OEM and change it more often as they can be had cheap. Remember, dyno results are for WOT, not day-to-day driving conditions.
I dont get how any intake mods could alter the performance of a stock turbo car. The car will always generate the designed boost. Upstream changes will not make a difference unless you alter the programming and alllow for more boost. I could be wrong. Dinan has a nice unit but its meant to augment thier tunes. I always liked the intake growl it provided on my Miata (KNN cone filter kit) but I never noticed any HP gains. A gain of 13HP (4% gain perhps?) on a 300 HP car will not make a difference. My guess.
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