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hey all,

im doing a sub and amp install in my e39 528i.. keeping stock speakers and head unit (400w amp, 2x10" soundstream subs) . ive followed everything correctly, taping and 'piggy backing' off my rear speakers, and everything is pretty much installed. however an issue remains.

i haven't tapped the remote wire from the amp to the car, however am testing the setup by touching the positive on the battery. however when the car is off, the amp turns on. when i turn the key into position so i can hear the radio.. the amp turns off..for 4 secs and turns back on for 1 sec..turns off again and its a never ending cycle. i have no idea what this could be but ive narrowed it down too either the amp or the battery. the anomaly is:

when the rear speakers are disconnected and only the subs are connected, still tapped through the speaker connections (cause they clip onto the rear speakers instead of being soldered on) the amp is on when the radio is off. however if i have the rear speakers and the subs connected.. even when the radio is off the amp would shut down and power up continuously. now the previous owner of teh amp had the 2 subs, custom 2 6x9s, mids and front tweeters running off it, so its not that the amp cant deliver.. but can the battery? ive tried it when the car is turned on.. same deal..

any ideas? (btw thanks member Richie13 for guiding me through the install so far)
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