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Hey all, my wife is driving our 4-Gt and loves it :thumbup:, but it doesn't have blind spot detection. She really wants this after we took a road trip in a loaner which had it. I also saw how it worked and loved it. I have been doing lots of research and there are several aftermarket kits available. I know they all require installation, so I am prepared to pay an installer.

The most recommended I see is Goshers. They have a new one on their site and it uses radar like car makers use, and this one includes rear cross traffic alerts (which my wife will no doubt like when leaving the grocery store parking space). There is lots of chatter from forums and big review sites (consumer reports) and they like Goshers so I think they will have a decent kit. I didn't find any other brand which only specializes in BSD and has been around as long as them. It has a 3 year warranty.

Anybody check it out yet?

- Nathan
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