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Aftermarket rotors?

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Time for brake work on my '97 2.8 and I was considering Zimmerman Cross Drilled Rotors but I can't seem to find rear rotors. I'm sure I'm not the first to go down this road so there must be something else that fits or another solution. Suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
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On the subject of cross drilled rotors...

You'll want to be certain that the holes were drilled prior to the rotors being heat treated to minimize the occurrence of stress cracks beginning at the holes.

Brembo brand rotors that are sold by Brembo have this done correctly. Please be warned that other companies have purchased undrilled Brembo rotors and have drilled the holes themselves with little regard to proper placement.

While drilled rotors certainly look good on a car, radially milled grooves are probably a better choice on a car driven primarily on the street (i.,e., one that doesn't get new rotors every race weekend).

Whatever rotor you decide upon, you might want to consider having them cryogenically treated prior to use (used rotors can also be treated). I'm about to ship a set of stock M Rdstr/Coupe front rotors to be done by "300 Below"
Zimmerman Rotors

Turner Racing sells Zimmerman .fronts and rears.
Stones in holes?

I have Zimmerman x-drilled rotors on my M-Coupe. However, I was at the track earlier this year and someone told me that the previous day a pebble had gotten stuck in a hole in an x-drilled rotor (!), resulting in instant wheel lockup and a spin. There, it's fourth hand to you now.

I wish I could find gas slotted rotors for my car at an affordable price.
Must have been one hell of a pebble..:bawling:
My instinicts tell me that a pebble small enough to wedge into a rotor hole would simply slam through the pad and little else.

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