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Don't tell me you spent all those duckets on that fancy-schmancy stereo, and you're still stuck with crappy FM reception just like the rest of us schmoes?


(I can barely get HFS here in Nova, which sucks, 'cause it used to come in crystal clear in my Integra).

Doesn't Radio Shack sell some kind of FM reception booster?

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JPinTO said:
I actually find the FM reception to be excellent on the OEM Business radio. I get Buffalo radio stations in my condo's underground parking.
It was great in the OEM unit. The aftermarket unit gets terrible reception.

hts, I'll check out Radio Shack and see what they say. I'll also ask my installer about it. I don't listen to the radio too often, but when I do, I'd like to be able to get at least some stations. I still have my Sirius Satellite Receiver, maybe I should just install it when Sirius is up an running. :dunno:
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