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Direct injection fuel systems can be tricky, it requires the right tools to get into the engine and properly remove and install injector seals.

AGA Tools and Products created a complete kit that removes the complication from repairing direct fuel injection systems. This Direct Fuel Injector Kit has a fuel injector remover tool that allows you to easily remove the injectors themselves with just a few quick pulls. To loosen the fuel injectors, use the included two flexing sockets. These sockets are an AGA original (paten pending) and flex to a 46° angle, allowing techs to get into tight engine spaces. These special sockets grip onto fuel injectors and delivers torque correctly during tightening.

This kit also includes a custom-designed injector seal remover that cuts through worn seals in one swift motion. This tool was made specifically for AGA Tools and Products and is easier to use than BMW manufactured tool, which can be difficult to maneuver around the fuel injector.

The final step to completing this repair is placing new seals onto the fuel injectors. To make this a simple 3 step process, AGA Tools and Products has included two easy-to-use compression tools. These tools ensure the seal does not expand; allowing you to reinstalled the injector properly.

The Direct Fuel Injector Kit can be used with any vehicle that has a pictured styled direct injector. For details or to view the complete AGA Tools and Products catalog, visit


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