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Ah Ha! Finally, ALMS M3 GTR scale model released!!!

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Count me in - I'd love to get that model!!
btw - I've seen a car like this (for real) on TV, except that it is entirely red. Is a model of available in the red version?
in_d_haus said:

The red ones are the PTG racing cars (BMW NA) The White and blue are Schnitzer (BMW AG)
Yup, this is the one:

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VinceTopasBlau3 said:
And so I dropped by the local BMW dealer this morning for the E38 service appt and inevitably took my questions to the parts department.

The part numbers for the ALMS 1/43 are:

82 42 0 139 180 ALMS #43
82 42 0 139 179 ALMS #42

However, they are NOT available in Singapore yet. And I doubt they are available in US either. The pictures were sent to me via Yahoo scale43diecast club. These models can be found on Ebay, but my advice is to hold back paying a high price on Ebay. Estimated MSRP is US$20 to US$28. Made by Minichamps.


Hope this helps.

Also, read my new post on retrofitting OBD!
Thanks Vince! :thumb:
Vince - found a pic of the #42 car.

Word from the my dealer is that these models are not yet available here in the States - but can be ordered. Price they qouted me is $41.00 (I'm sure the BMWCCA discount applies?). Still waiting to hear back from some other sources though...


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SteveT said:
If you look at the for new models they list the GTR 1/43 for $29.00. They are supposed to have it the second week of May.
Hhmm...there are 2 listings. Whats the difference?

Bmw M3 GTR #43 ALMS Petit LeMans Muller/Muller COMING SOON NOW TAKING PRE ORDERS . . . . Ref.No. MI012143 by MINICHAMPS

Year: - 2001; Scale. 1/43, metal built, `NEW`LISTING! 79`
Discount Price: $49.00

Bmw M3GTR V8 #43 ALMS Winner `BMW Motorsports' Muller/Muller COMING 2nd week of May . . . . Ref.No. IXOGT006 by IXO`

Year: - 2001; Scale. 1/43, metal built, `NEW`LISTING!o
Discount Price: $29.00

Great site by the way :)
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1 - 6 of 26 Posts
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