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Ok, I can't keep this for very long. Today, the dental surgeon extracted my lower jaw wisdom teeth. That's right. Operation lasted 40mins. And I must say, he worked freaking hard to get the teeth out. Drilling, slicing, digging etc. Yucks! :eek: Once the anaesthsia fades away, I was in deep pain. Now that the painkiller has kicked in, I finally found some time to post. Phew...what an experience! A visit to a dentist is scary enough. Now a visit to a dentist for wisdom teeth extraction is like a deep papercut with salt all over the wound. :bawling: My advice to those who have yet to go through this: extract them while you're still young!


Got the June issue of TotalBMW mag. super charged Dinan 5 is the feature of the new month. Apparently, that beast is owned by Steve's wife. Surprise. Also an E34 M5 buying guide. Oh, K&N has a new CAI for E46 318i. They showed the unassembled parts but most likely making use of ram-air effect from below the bumper. And not to forget, E36 M3 big brake upgrade with AP Racing brake kit. Which I have always wondered: where is the US market for AP Racing? :dunno:

BMW Magazine is the Asia Edition (01/2002), but I am pretty sure the contents won't be much different from the North America one. We have E46 touring on the cover! In Alpine White! :D And a few good shots of CS-1. Gorgeous looking paddles for shifting. Lastly a good article on BMW Technology Office in Palo Alto. Oh oh...and an interview with Cameron Diaz. :confused: She drives a 325Ci. You pple think she might want to retrofit paddle-shifting too? :lmao:

ok, time for my liquid diet... :(
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Patrick 320d said:
Yeah, I just got my TOTAL BMW magazine this morning - it makes for some fine, post-coffee reading :yikes:

That 540i is insane! I also like the red M5 Touring ... but what about those Xenon rear lights? Why only E39?! :mad:

Which M5 Touring ? :confused: Are we talking about the BMW Magazin 1/2002 ? I don't see a M5 Touring but a red M5 Limousine in Mexico. (And Cameron Diaz too :D)
VinceTopasBlau3 said:
Red M5 in Mexico??? :confused: :confused: Ok, Alex, time to get your face out of the Diaz pages! :D That is a 525i in Mexico! :D

Err yes, there was a red Diaz :bigpimp: , I mean a red 525 :D
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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