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Air Con Blower Motor Inoperative.

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Hi guys/girls,

This is my first posting on here. I have a 2003 E46 325Ci. Never had a problem with it... until last week!

The blower motor is no longer motoring. I have a few symptoms and a few things that I have looked at/changed but to no success. I was hoping that someone might have some advice:

Symptom: Blower motor inop. Climate control panel adjusted to full on/off and everywhere in between. Nothing.

Fault investigation thus far:

50 amp Fuse checked for continuity with multimeter. pass.
Power to fuse checked at car side. pass.
Final Stage Resistor connector checked for integrity, corrosion etc. Fine
FSR replaced with brand new item. No change. FSR gets warm when connected as expected so has power.

One thing that has now pointed towards the control unit was that the little fan at the back of the control unit is now spinning constantly with the key out of the ignition!?!

I'm aware that getting to the blower motor under the bonnet is a pig so don't want to go there unless the advice says otherwise. The control units out now as that would just drain the battery so is my next port of call for replacement. All connectors checked there too and appear fine.

Any thoughts? I'm thinking the control unit.... but open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance all.
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I gotta ask. Did you put in a new FSR that was oe rather than aftermarket?
'Cause it has some of the charactoristics of a failed FSR and that is ever so common the cause.
It was a brand new BMW part made by BEHR. Neither made a difference.
One way to check the blower motor is to reach a stick or screwdriver in through the FSR opening and flick the fan to see if you can get it to start moving (with the controls turned on). If it will move on its own after you "push start" it, then it is the blower.

Other posters probably have some electrical ways to check the control unit. When we had a failed control unit in one of our E46s, the symptom was air speed control but full hot all the time. The control unit had failed and it took out the heater control valve with it.
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