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Looking for advice on air intake. If you know any upgrades?
Leave it stock.

Are you looking to install a Cold Air Intake (CAI)?? The best CAI for your car is the CAI the car already came with from the FACTORY. Leave the intake alone because you will see ZERO performance improvement with an aftermarket CAI setup. Aftermarket CAIs are actually WAIs in reality and sukc compared to OEM.

Opening the intake up further yields no performance improvement because it's not a source of restriction to begin with. The amount of air the engine gets is managed by the engine computer (DDE) by controlling boost from the turbo under closed loop control. Opening the intake up further yields no improvement because the engine still gets only the amount of air the DDE says it should get.

Don't waste your money on an aftermarket intake setup. These parts are put on by people praying for miracles. "But I like the cool sound it makes." Note that more noise does not equal more power. I recommend saving your money for mods that will give a tangible payback such as a quality tune from one of the reputable tuners.

Good luck.

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