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Air Mode door Actuator

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Has anyone had a problem with the mode door actuator?

my air or heat works great for about 1-2 hours, then without
touching any controls, the air will not come out the vents, defrost,
or floor, but you can hear the fan going inside the dash, and can
control the speed still but nothing out where it is suppose to be.

If I turn the car off for 15mins or so, it will all work normal again
for a certain time usually another hour, then the same thing,
very aggravating, anyone have any idea's? hot works hot, cold works cold
so I know it's not the blend door, and replaced fan actuator already
which controls speed, that works fine.

2003 bmw 745i 191,000 miles, looks like new, but starting
to get real expensive to keep going. :mad:

Thanks for any suggestions