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airbag light--need advice

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I've done a quick search, but haven't found anything on this so I hope someone here can help...

My airbag light has now come again -- this is the 3rd time in four months. [Car is '01 330i, and this is the only problem I've had with it].

The first time, the car had 49K miles and they replaced a seat cushion sensor, under warranty.

The second time, the car had 51K miles and they said that the resistance is set too high and they have to replace a wiring harness at a cost of $500!

As they reset the light and I forgot about this, I didn't get the work done (the part had to be special ordered).

Now, the car has 53K miles and the light just came on yesterday.

My question is-- should the dealer take care of this for free since I initially brought it in under warranty? If they try to push me to pay out of my pocket, do I have any recourse with BMWNA?
As a last resort, is this something that an independent shop can do?

I'm a bit skeptical that the seat belt cushion was at fault to begin with.


update: I just got off the phone with the dealership, and they said that they will diagnose it for free, but that if the cause is a different issue then I will have to pay for the repair.

I don't want to be unreasonable, but does this sound right? How do I know if they diagnosed the problem correctly during the first visit?
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This exact same thing happened in my moms '99 323i. It first occurred when the car was still under warranty. They went through replacing some sensor (seat belt sensor seems to ring a bell) and messing with the seat wiring. Light came back on about a month later. So they would try something else or replacing some other part. Each time it would fix it for about a month, then the light would come back on.

By this time the car was now out of warranty. It took some convincing but they agreed to continue to try to fix the problem since it occurred while the car was still under warranty. Finally after bringing the car in 5 or 6 times for this same problem and the service manager talking with the BMW engineers, they agreed to replace the entire wiring harness.

This was two years ago and the light has not come on since. So it seems that replacing the harness will fix the problem. As far as having to pay for it, talk to the service manager. Since the issue first occurred under warranty and they have not yet fixed it, you may be able to talk them in to doing it at no cost (or minimal) to you.

Good luck
just got my car back today... funny enough, it was the wiring harness and even thought the same SA had initially told me (on vist #2) that I would have to pay for this out-of-pocket, this time they fixed it for free.... my faith has been restored!

thanks for the advice!
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