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Hi all,my E83 built 05/2008 Euro(RHD) has the airbag light on. Put my C110 scanner on it & it tells me " 04 airbag passenger stage 1." I Read up on it & I am told it"s 95% co-driver seat occupant sensor mat. Knowing my luck, I deceide to purchase a sensor mat emulator
($50) & installed to prove it's the mat at fault. Cleared the fault codes, no light, great. Drive home 18km, no problem. Next day with co-driver (wife), light comes back on, NOT GREAT.
Undo seat bolts & tilt back (third time), multimeter test all 3 circuits from emulator board through the yellow central connector to wiring loom. All test fine. Put seat back. This time it lasts three days
.More reading. Someone says check battery safety terminal which has an explosive
charge to disconnect battery cable on impact to stop fires after accidents and is sometimes
over sensitive. I had bumped my concrete garage wall but all cables proved to be secure..
I am just about out of ideas exept to ask if anybody who has this 3 wire system knows where
the control unit is mounted. It's not under the seats or the carpet where I expected to find it
CAN ANYONE HELP ME with this or have any other ideas on how to solve this riddle. A seat sensor is $280 plus hours of work to remove & strip the seat to install it but will that fix it ?? A control unit is about $850 I think. Last resort & can't return it if unsuccessful.
P.S. I had 3 BMW's before the advent of full etectronics and never had a problem I could't
solve. Makes you wonder, or maybe it's just me. Life is never without challenges when you own a later model BMW out of warranty & who can afford dealer workshop charges.
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