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Oh, how I've missed them so...
After 10 months of driving a car without them, I have airhorns once again.

No, these are not BJ McKay horns, nor do they play La Cucaracha. These are quality German Hella 3-trumpet horns that will get the attention of the old lady in the sensory-deprivation Lexus.

That's a pic of the 2-trumpet.

BeepBeep! :thumb:
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Kaz said:
I didn't take any pics since its pretty straightforward. I took off the bumper, and built some brackets out of pipe strapping to attach the compressor and horns in the area behind the right foglight. Then I made up a wiring harness to connect the factory horn connector to the compressor.
Some pictures would be much appreciated, as well as pricing and availability. Looks like a fun project!

Here's what I've found : $44.99

"Strong sound through 3 separate trumpets. Trumpets constructed of impact resistant plastic. 630Hz 12V low-tone/795Hz 12V middle-tone/840 Hz 12V high-tone. Acoutic pressure: 118dB at 6.5 feet. Powere consumption: max 240w. Kit contains horns, compressor with air filter, relay, mounting brackets and installation instructions."

Griot's Garage : $69.95
118db and easy replacement of existing horn.
Tired of those wimpy, factory installed horns? You'll get some respect with these. I only honk my horn when it's absolutely necessary. For those times I do honk my horn, I want to be noticed. And just in case you haven't noticed, stereo systems are getting louder and interiors are getting quieter, which means you need to be heard! Plastic? No way! Durable, metal casing for years of survival. Easy installation. If you have horns presently, just swap the horns and use the existing wiring. If you want to add them to your present horns, a relay and directions are included. Loud as can be! 118 dB. Stoutly made in Germany."

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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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