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Oh, how I've missed them so...
After 10 months of driving a car without them, I have airhorns once again.

No, these are not BJ McKay horns, nor do they play La Cucaracha. These are quality German Hella 3-trumpet horns that will get the attention of the old lady in the sensory-deprivation Lexus.

That's a pic of the 2-trumpet.

BeepBeep! :thumb:
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Yikes! What is the db rating on those suckers?

Did you mount them in place of the stock horn(s) or do you have them set up as a secondary for when the stock horn doesn't quite cut the mustard?

I would think that those could scare the dirt out of anybody. heh Out of curiosity, do you have any pics of the way you wired/mounted them? Or better yet, do you have pictures of the reactions you get from pedestrians that are standing immediately in front of your car when you blow your horn of death?

Too funny...

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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