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Oh, how I've missed them so...
After 10 months of driving a car without them, I have airhorns once again.

No, these are not BJ McKay horns, nor do they play La Cucaracha. These are quality German Hella 3-trumpet horns that will get the attention of the old lady in the sensory-deprivation Lexus.

That's a pic of the 2-trumpet.

BeepBeep! :thumb:
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Hella rates both 2 and 3-trumpet kits at [email protected], although the duals seem louder to me. I like the sound of the triple better, though. The stock horns are 420 and 510Hz, and the Hellas are 795 and 840, and the triple adds a 630Hz (which is about 2in longer than the other two making installa bit tougher in tight spaces), so they're noticeably higher pitched as well as louder.

You could wire it up to switch between these and the stocks, but its not like I'm a NYC cabbie and use em all the time, so I removed the stocks.and wired these in directly, although that's not necessarily a good idea.

The compressor sucks notiiceably more power (max wattage is rated at 240w), and in my old car, I had to replace the 15A fuse with a 20A one and never had to replace it again. The stock horn wiring is pretty shrimpy, but I never had problems in my old car, and current draw is momentary enough that simply putting in a bigger fuse (pos. 55 in the glovebox; I haven't done it yet) to handle the short-term current draw instead of using the included relay and running dedicated power feels safe enough for me.

I didn't take any pics since its pretty straightforward. I took off the bumper, and built some brackets out of pipe strapping to attach the compressor and horns in the area behind the right foglight. Then I made up a wiring harness to connect the factory horn connector to the compressor.
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One of the cheapest places I've found the Hellas is at in Pennsylvania. Ordered them Thursday night, got a human e-mail Friday morning, and they showed up yesterday. Paid $37.65. They also carry those Griots ones for a few bucks less.

I'll take a pic if I ever have the bumper apart again, but essentially I have the pieces mounted in the area behind the right foglight.

I recall one of those old commercials they occasionally run on SpeedVision for the Renault Dauphine that has a 2-mode horn. Really cute!
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