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i just did the install

i picked up the car 3 weeks ago and got the alarm from circle, i installed the alarm last week. the whole thing including the dealer activation was like 225 for alarm + 36 for activation. :thumb:

- the clown nose was set to blink even before i put the alarm in.
- to my surprise the car beeped on lock/unlock once the install was complete.
- alarm did work on the door locks. if you arm the alarm - you can't open the doors from inside or out.
- the motion sensor DID NOT work.

i ended up taking my car in to have the motion sensor set up. the computer needs to be told that motion sensor is now active.

my dealer ended up wiping out all my settings when they did this so i'm going back to have my autolocks and seat return postions set as well as the a/c temp control settings. :tsk:

Make sure you check these before you leave the dealership, I picked mine up on a saturday so no one was there to work on my car when i picked up. but it's just an avoidable pain in the arse.
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