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Alarm question

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I have a 2002 330CI and am looking to buy an alarm. So I have a few questions.

1. Does anyone know where I can find a good price for part #65739416520?

I have seen posts on here from a few years ago quoting prices around $200 but I cannot find it new for less than around $300.00 right now.

2. Is this alarm (factory oem kit) the one I should be getting or is there a better option?

3. Finally, my keys have buttons on them that unlock and lock the car. Does that mean that even without the alarm, the car cannot be started? If not, does the oem factory alarm include that feature?

To me, that is the most important theft deterrent as I have been told it makes your vehicle nearly unstealable unless they tow it.
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I also have a e46 330ci (2001) and have the clown nose but no alarm. I'm not so much interested in the "noise maker" portion of the alarm but more interested in a beep and parking lights flash when I lock and unlock my doors. Do I need to find a used factory alarm and have a BMW tech install it? What all is needed?

Let me know please.

Any help on how to achieve this would be appreciated.

Thanks :)
The only reason would be because sometimes I park where I can't see my car and if I forget if I locked my door or not the Audible beep would be great. So I do not have to go outside and around the corner to see the lights flash.
Bob, It's only about 20 feet out the front door on the other side of a wall At my girlfriend apartment. How about just letting me know how easy it is to install a factory alarm once I find one?
Bob, you obviously have nothing helpful to say to me. If anybody other than Bob has any helpful information for me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks :)
Thank you, now that is the kind of reply I wanted in the first place. A response that has information that I can use. :)
is the "Pre wired for security system" the one I want?


So, I get the siren, take the car and siren to my local shop that works on BMW's and have them code everything to work? That's all I need to do to make the car beep and have the lights flash when locking and unlocking the doors?
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